Professional Practices Mgmt Systerm

We have 17 elements of our management system to ensure respect, honesty, and effectiveness.

1. Providing Leadership

Management Responsibility

Reviewing vision, mission goals and expectations to ensure leadership within the company.

2. Creating a System

Management System

Writing company policies, procedures and work instructions to create consistency and provide a baseline for improvement.

3. Defining Clients' Needs

Review of Client Issues

Determining the company's ability to met client's needs and expectations to ensure they will be met before a client places and account.

4. Controlling Internal Data

Document & Data Control

Maintaining both electronic and paper formats of policies, procedures, work instructions, etc. and keeping all information concise, up to date and accessible.

5. Purchasing


Managing the purchasing process (major products and services only) to ensure vendors meet the needs of your company and your client.

6. Controlling Client Data

Control of Client & Customer Supplied Data

Securing and controlling all data flowing into the office to protect privacy and help prevent fraud.

7. Tracking Data

Data Identification & Traceability

Understanding company information and where it belongs to avoid errors.

8. Creating Consistent Performance

Process Control

Maintaining procedures or instructions for consistent performance to provide clients with evidence of and confidence in your performance.

9. Reviewing Process

Inspection & Testing

Testing, reviewing and verifying planned work processes to ensure consistency and to correct or improve processes as necessary.

10. Making Sure the System Works

Inspection & Test Status

Verifying that company processes occur in sequence to ensure cross-departmental processes work properly.

11. Identifying Mistakes and Problems

Identification of Nonconformity

Identifying and recording errors or problems to prevent further damage and improve service.

12. Continuously Improving

Corrective Action, Preventive Action, & Continuous Improvement

Correcting and preventing problems by finding a better, faster or more reliable way to accomplish work.

13. Planning for Disaster

Handling, Storage, Preservation, & Delivery

Disaster planning and delivery of information to protect client-provided data and integrity of service.

14. Securing Data

Management of Records/Data

Disaster planning and delivery of information to protect client-provided data and integrity of service.

15. Auditing the System

Internal Management Audits

Ensuring procedures and policies are followed and the management system is working by having all departments inspected on a regular basis.

16. Training


Continuously training all staff to ensure employees are qualified to do their jobs effectively and avoid mistakes that affect the company's quality of service.

17. Measuring Results

Process & Client Satisfaction Measurements

Measuring results internally and externally to confirm processes are performing well and to provide targets for improvement.

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