Collection Notice

What to do when receiving a collection notice.

Collection is Common

If you are contacted by our office, following
three suggestions can help you settle your present debt.

This communication is from a debt collector and is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Stay Calm

Your account came to us from someone who values your business. However, it's time to find a solution.

Contact Us

Notify us in writing if you have questions, or feel you do not owe this bill. Failing to contact us suggests that you are avoiding a debt.

Let Us Help

Debt collection is our business, but we are also committed to helping people solve their financial problems.

We'll Help You Have a Positive Experience

Working with a collection agency need not be an unpleasant experience. Assistance from collection specialists, plus determination and self-control have brought many people out of serious financial situations.


Effective Collections Since 1959

We collect in an ethical manner, treating our consumers with respect at all times.

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