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Collection Notice

What to do when you receive a collection notice

Most of the people we collect from intend to keep their payment promises when they purchase an item or service on credit. They sincerely wish to pay their bill, but for a variety of reasons they are unable to do so.

Working with a collection agency need not be an unpleasant experience. Assistance from collection specialists, plus determination and self-control have brought many people out of serious financial situations.

If you are contacted by our office, following three suggestions can help you settle your present debt.

1. Stay calm

Your account came to us from someone who values your business. However, just as you depend on an income to pay rent, groceries and other necessities, those who extend credit must be paid for their goods and services in order to meet their obligations and stay in business. You purchased on credit and your account has been unpaid for quite some time. It's time to find a solution.

2. Contact us

Notify us in writing if you have questions, or feel you do not owe this bill. This will enable us to respond to these types of issues. If you do owe the debt, please let us know when payment can be expected. If you are unable to pay it in full, tell us why. Failing to contact us suggests that you are avoiding a debt. Regardless of the reason for nonpayment, the matter can not be resolved if you do not contact us. Carefully read all notices and letters you receive from us, as they contain important information about your rights.

3. Let us help

Debt collection is our business, but we are also committed to helping people solve their financial problems. Our staff is experienced in credit and collections and, and can assist you with your permission. Having your account listed with a collection service that reports to a credit bureau could prevent you from obtaining credit elsewhere when you need it most.

You should understand this is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. We hope the ideas here will help you, and that you'll accept our offer of assistance in settling this account - and possibly in finding a solution to your financial problems. Remember, you can depend on our cooperation.