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A 5-Star Approach

Our company believes that people have the greatest impact influencing payment, and that well trained credit collectors are more productive when maintaining relationships. We emphasize quality calls and collection demand letters, allowing us to help the debtor find ways to pay.

Our 5-Star Approach Includes:

  • Following the highest ethical standards
  • Recovering funds in a prompt, professional manner
  • Using the latest, most effective recovery techniques
  • Providing 24/7 access to your recover status
  • Building upon our reputation for proven results.


It is our mission to see to it that our company is successful in complementing the credit departments of all clients. All parts of the recovery process are significant, from the collector to the legal personnel. We always put our client's best interest first!


While our primary objective is to collect the monies, we are also concerned with maintaining the goodwill of all our debtors. General Collection has a strict code of ethics in line with American law to enforce bad debt collections, which we constantly monitor to ensure a professional approach.